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A Leading Manufacturer of Needle Valve

Founded in 2000 in Taiwan, Vertex Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of needle valves has been committed to producing high quality instrumentation valves. 6000 psi & 10000 psi rated needle valves and valve manifolds are to meet severe workings conditions in on/offshore oil & gas, shipbuilding, chemical, petrochemical processing, power plant, flow and control system and heavy equipment industries.


We are specialized in producing needle valve, valve manifold, instrument ball valve,check valve, twin ferrule tube fitting and instrument pipe fitting. Equipped with modern production and inspection facilities for efficient capacity and renewable technical development, we aim at optimizing our products to meet our customers' satisfaction and create your best value. Flexibility empowers us to handle OEM and customized orders with easy communication and speedy service. Vertex Co., Ltd., your 1st choice for needle valves manufacturer.


Adjustable PTFE packings, 100% factory hydrostatic tested.

Needle valves are adjustable to extend service lives and optional bleeding & angle type. 100% factory hydrostatic tested.








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